Jacksgap Who are they?

Jack & Finn Harries (Born May 13, 1993) On YouTube, they are known as JacksGap which is an English-owned channel. The channel started as a project for Jack Harries, during his gap year, hence the name JacksGap.  However over time Jack’s identical twin, Finn Harries, featured in more and more videos, because, after introducing Finn for the first time, JacksGap’s number of subscribers nearly doubled. Finn is now the co-owner of the channel. To date, the duo have more than 3 million subscribers and over 143 million video views (as of March 2014). The channel adopted the slogan/theme of “JacksGap, JacksGap, 5 minutes of your life that you won’t get back,” and each video is started with the line, “Hi guys, how’re you doing?” 

The Harries twins are also noticeably part of a group of Youtubers commonly referred to as “The Youtube Crew”, consisting of a fairly large group of individuals including Caspar Lee (dicasp), Marcus Butler (MarcusButlerTV), Alfie Deyes (PointlessBlog) and Louis Cole (FoodforLouis), among others.



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